Welcome at bricksy.com!

Bricksy.com is your store for used LEGO parts. We sort and wash up to 500kg of used LEGO per month, which we then sell as single parts in our several shops on Brickscout.com and Bricklink.com or as mixed bulk on ebay.

Selling platform in English language, where we sell used LEGO parts in our shop “bricksy” (for intermediate or professionals) https://store.bricklink.com/bricksy?p=bricksy#/shop

You find all our offers of single used LEGO bricks on our bricksout  “bricksy” (mostly for native speakers or newcomers, changes to placed orders not possible) https://brickscout.com/en/bricksy

Our shop „bricksy“ on ebay selling platform offers a small choice of LEGO single parts as well as periodic auctions with LEGO bulk of different themes (i.e. baseplates, minifigure parts, sticker parts, train parts, and many more) https://www.ebay.de/str/bricksy

Please note, we always have our complete stock online. If you cannot find a part in our shop, we do not have it. Individual orders besides these platforms are not possible, due to organisational problems.